Did you know how many times Pacquiao touched gloves with Algieri? How about with Mosley? If you say, "several times," you're in the ball park.

If there would be a Pacquiao v. Mayweather in the near future (2015), Floyd would fight dirty. Touching gloves is not in his repertoire. In fact, Pacquiao offering to touch gloves would put him in a vulnerable position. A dirty fighter like Floyd would take advantage of Pacquaio's gentleman's gesture instead, and throw a timed sucker punch. (Are you reading this, Victor?). There are only 2 times Pacquiao should touch gloves with Floyd. The first is during the ref's instruction before the opening bell and second, before beginning of last round with the ref in between them, holding their hands. Among other things during training, Roach should prepped Pacquiao to be mean psychologically including NOT to touch gloves with Floyd.

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