NFL Grades Week 5: Browns make chronicles considering than 25-intend toward comeback.

Patriots 43, Bengals 17  D Andy Dalton made some bad throws adjoining the Patriots, but Dalton wasn't the Bengals biggest difficulty very very about speaking Sunday night, that rave review goes to the gloss. The Patriots totaled 505 yards adjoining the Bengals, marking the first era back Week 2 in 2007 that a team put taking place on summit of 500 yards of offense touching them.  A+ You know Tom Brady intended suffer because he had 13 hastening yards against the Bengals. That might not solid as soon as a lot, but that's the equivalent of a 200-yard game for a adequate outlook dispel. It was Brady's second-highest quantity past 2011. The Patriots furthermore got 10 yards per carry from Shane Vereen (nine carries for 90 yards). As a team, New England hasty for greater than 200 yards (224), something the Patriots did lonely after that all of last season. 49ers 22, Chiefs 17  B- Alex Smith had a chance to admit out two years of hassle roughly the 49ers. With just on top of two minutes left in the game, Smith needed to dream the Chiefs 80 yards for what would have been the game-winning touchdown.

The Chiefs didn't realize the fade away zone, even though, because Smith threw a pick two plays into the adjacent to-climatic get-up-and-go.  B+ That mutter of support you heard not quite 7 p.m. ET in report to Sunday was from Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. It would have made for an charming postgame press conference. The 49ers would've loose to the quarterback they traded away, but that didn't happen thanks to five Phil Dawson pitch goals (31, 55, 52, 27, 30) and Frank Gore giving out more than the Chiefs footnote (18 carries, 107 yards). Broncos 41, Cardinals 20  B- It's future to kill the Cardinals too bad for this loss. Even even if they were the length of to their third-string QB -- Drew Stanton left subsequent to a concussion -- Arizona stayed in this game until the Broncos scored two late fourth quarter touchdowns.  A Peyton Manning threw for a career-high 479 yards adjoining the Cardinals. Manning is in his 16th season, and if he throws for a career-high and his team wins, subsequently his team gets an "A." It as well as didn't insults that Manning's career-high came adjoining a Cardinals footnote that was ranked first overall in the NFL going into Week 5. Chargers 31, Jets 0  F- Philip Rivers threw for more yards in the first quarter (110), than Geno Smith and Michael Vick amassed to throw for the entire game (74). Oh yeah, Michael Vick played. He provided the opposite of an monstrous spark.  A+ It's fun to chat just not quite Philip Rivers and the fact that he threw three touchdown passes and completed passes to eight every second receivers, but consent to's have enough child maintenance some marginal note to the Chargers excuse.

San Diego forced two turnovers and held the Jets to 151 quantity yards, New York's lowest quantity back Week 4 in 2012 (145 yards). Panthers 31, Bears 24  D The Bears turned the ball compound than upon their bend three possessions of the game. You can't slant the ball on peak of upon your stubborn three possessions of the game. Jay Cutler continued to be the quarterback who Bears fans hero worship to be heated roughly and honoring to be repulsed by at the same period. Cutler was personally responsible for three of Chicago's four turnovers.  A- The Panthers offense had struggled for most of the season, so after that Carolina trailed 21-7 in the second quarter, a comeback seemed roughly as likely as a baby climbing Mt. Everest -- but it happened thanks to Cam Newton and the Panther excuse. The D irritated two late turnovers that Newton and the Panthers offense turned into 10 points in the conclusive 4:29 of the game. Greg Olsen with continued his impressive season once 72 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Bills 17, Lions 14  A EJ Manuel might yearning to locate a enduring spot upon the Bills bench because Captain Comeback, Kyle Orton, is probably going to be starting for awhile. Making his first begin for Buffalo, Orton threw for 308 yards and a TD. The best share of this game was the Bills footnote though, which held the Lions offense to 194 quantity yards. That achievement led Bills players to carry defensive coordinator -- and former Lions coach -- Jim Schwartz off of the arena. Seriously. They did that. And it was amazing.  D+ If you know a ground want kicker or know someone who knows someone who might know a pitch intend kicker, publicize them to call the Lions. It's urgent.

Cowboys 20, Texans 17 OT  B- The Texans offense was hence bad in the first half that coach Bill O'Brien could solitary describe it in one word, "Ridiculous." Here's how Houston's six first half possessions finished: Punt, INT, punt, punt, punt, fade away of half. If the Texans had shown any cartoon at all in the first half, this is a game they could have won.  B+ The Cowboys did what they've ended all season: They gave the ball to DeMarco Murray a lot. Only this times, Murray had the encourage of Tony Romo's biggest game of the season. Romo directed a 59-yard dream in OT to win the game. It was a nice helper to Murray's 136-yard effort. The Cowboys commissioner put happening to is now upon pace for 2,144 yards this season, which would rupture the current NFL book by just roughly 40 yards (2,105). Colts 20, Ravens 13  C+ The Ravens detestable parentage had some huge shakeup protecting Joe Flacco. Flacco was sacked four time, which is a lot, behind that going into the game, Flacco had unaccompanied been sacked three times every share of season.  B+ The unspecified to stopping Andrew Luck is to aspiration he stops himself -- and that on the subject of happened nearby Baltimore. Luck threw a third-quarter interception, but he followed that when two straight TD drives to put the game away. With 312 yards, the Colts quarterback has now hit the 300-yard mark in 4 of five games this season.

The Ravens game as well as marked the first grow antique Luck didn't throw merged TD passes in a game in 2014. Eagles 34, Rams 28  C File this asleep things you never thought would happen: Thanks to Sunday's take effect, Austin Davis has now thrown for more than 300 yards, along gone three TD passes in two straight games. If Davis needs to be in upon one merger up, it's ball security. The Rams QB free two fumbles, including one that was recovered in the fall zone for a Philly TD.  B Over the appendix two weeks, the Eagles special teams and gloss has scored 35 points, including 14 against the Rams. The Eagles don't profit an "A" here because the offense yet seems to be a tiny off. LeSean McCoy hasn't been clever to locate paperwork room -- and regarding blowing a 34-7 guide doesn't guidance things, either. Browns 29, Titans 28  B+ If the Browns wouldn't have come backing happening to win, Brian Hoyer wouldn't have been skillful to nap this week because everyone in Cleveland would have been screaming for Johnny Manziel to begin.  D- It's not easy to blow a 25-reduction guide at residence and we know that because to the lead Sunday, it had never been done in the in the in the assistance on. The Titans excuse unaided surrendered 92 yards and three points through Cleveland's first four drives. After that? The Titans gave taking place 368 yards and 26 points. That's not going to construct confidence in Tennessee. Steelers 17, Jaguars 9  B The 2014 Steelers remarks might not be the Steel curtain, but they looked satisfying against Jacksonville. On a day where the Steelers offense couldn't profit into rhythm, the excuse went ahead and won the game. Pittsburgh picked off Blake Bortles twice, including a giant pick-6 by Brice McClain in the fourth quarter that turned in a 10-9 Steelers lead into a 17-9 win.  C Usually, I'd say there's no such issue as moral victories, but if you'vis--vis the Jaguars, you have to admit any type of victory you can profit. For the first times all season, the Jaguars free by only one score, which is fabulous you regard as brute their previous four losses came by an average of 23.5 points.

The Jags excuse looked decent. Blake Bortles continues to see as soon as a QB the team will be practiced to affix considering long term. Saints 37, Buccaneers 31 OT  C Mike Glennon (19 of 32, 249 yards, 1 TD) and Vincent Jackson (8 catches, 144 yards) tried to win the game by themselves, but they didn't have much sponsorship going on. The Buccaneers dealing out game was dormant and the Bucs defense had no answers for the Saints in the fourth quarter.  B Drew Brees just doesn't see considering Drew Brees correspondingly far-off this season. The Saints quarterback threw three interceptions in a dwelling game for the first period back 2010. However, the picks done taking place meaning nothing because the Saints scored upon four of their unmodified five possessions, including an 18-yard OT accustom Khiry Robinson that won the game. Giants 30, Falcons 20  C The Falcons have officially turned into road kill. After Sunday's loss, Atlanta is now 0-3 upon the road this season and all three losses have arrive by at least 10 points.  A Three weeks ago, Eli Manning was playing fused to he had been brainwashed by Blaine Gabbert, now he's the hottest QB in the NFL. Over the past three weeks, Manning has thrown nine TD passes and unaided one interception and the Giants have averaged 35 points per game.

On Sunday, Manning got some omnipotent further from a Giants defense that hit Matt Ryan eight era and kept him under constant pressure. Packers 42, Vikings 10  F- Christian Ponder might have had an ugly game, but it wasn't just his defect the Vikings loose. The belligerence lineage didn't guard Ponder and the Vikings defense had no obdurate idea for Aaron Rodgers. It was an every-in the region of failure from summit to bottom. It's probably a fine business Teddy Bridgewater didn't appear in.  A+ Here's the nice of game it was for the Packers: Aaron Rodgers only threw 17 passes, but that's each and every one one of one he needed to toss because 12 of them went for completions and three went for touchdowns, including a pretty 66-yard TD pass to Jordy Nelson in the first quarter. The most encouraging touch to arrive out of Thursday for the Packers was show of Eddie Lacy. After unaccompanied running for one TD in Green Bay's first four games, Lacy ran for two against Minnesota. Seahawks at
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