This is actually very simple....
When Mayweather decides to fight someone, you can be absolutely sure he didn't choose him for no reason.
So no matter what strategy you can come up with, you will never beat Mayweather.

To beat Mayweather, you need to beat him at the negotiation table.
Sadly, he has all the aces and in the sport of boxing there are no rules to a mandatory opponent.
Even if he has the belt, the sanctioning body can't do sh!t.

So to Guerrero, good luck to you. How I wish I am wrong.

That's the best reminder to all upcoming mayweather opponents. poor guerrero, he was chosen because he has no chance of winning. same goes to manny, if one day mayweather wants to fight him, since he's been fighting southpaw from he's recent fight starting with victor ortiz.

The problem of Mayweather now is that he cannot run anymore they know it his father his uncle they know it so they are telling him to fight smart. Because the Ghost forte is infighting whatever tactics he brings there is easy for the Ghost.

The Ghost can easily go inside aside from the fact that he cannot run anymore the Ghost going toward his left seems very natural for him and with ease while Mayweather facing this kind of style will make him look awkward (see Berto fight copying Mayweather style and the Ghost moving toward his left). And the Ghost will look quicker than him marked my word, this guy came from a lighter division.

This is what I saw that's why my post is Mayweather is finished.


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