It doesn't take a genius to realize that pac hasn't been working as hard has he used to before each fight. he always says he is going to train for X amount of time and then he ends up staying in the philippines for a few extra weeks before going to the wildcard gym, bible study etc etc...

this is from years ago.. and manny says he's already achieved his goals in boxing..

if he's already achieved his goals in boxing, what is he fighting for? that is probably why he has lost his last 2 fights. whats his motivation if he's already achieved all his goals in boxing??

what do u think guys, i remember bradley's trainer saying freddie has lost the love for the sport.. but i think its MANNY who's lost the love for the sport.

will he make a comeback, or just slack

Like Pac always says, "I'm just doing my job." He was the 2nd highest paid athlete in 2012 ($62 million). Why shouldn't he fight for money?  As long as people are still paying to see him fight, why the hell not? Nobody's forcing us to buy his ppv fights. Just sayin'.

Ever since from the start baby  ... boxing was and still he's source of life (food, clothing, shelter, wife etc.), without boxing he don't have as much fortune as he has right now... it just so happen that he is a genetic freak, that's why he is the only Eight Division World Champion ever since the sport of boxing was created, even gladiators the ancient boxers didn't get such recognition..


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