-VIP Lounge is next, and MVP says tonight the Million Dollar Man is in charge. This week he says last week a major trade was orchestrated by his former boss Donald Trump. He introduces his guest who is on Raw via the trade Jack Swagger. MVP says he’d like to ask Swagger what it was like to debut on Raw. Swagger cuts him off, but MVP tells him he wasn’t finish yet. MVP asks why he exposed himself as a fraud by getting himself counted out against Randy Orton. Swagger says he was a 2 time 2 time All American, and he went to the University of Oklahoma. He asks if he knows what that means, and MVP counters that he couldn’t’ get into a better school. Swagger counters by saying MVP spent time at Florida State, but not the university and calls MVP a fraud. He says he tries to pass himself off as an athlete, but he’s a con and spent 10 years in prison. Swagger says he’s never even got a parking ticket, and the only thing MVP was MVP was a prison basketball team. MVP says he doesn’t hide his past, and he says as a youth he made bad decisions. He says now that he’s a WWE Superstar he uses his celebrity status to tell kids not to make the mistakes he did. He says he served his time, and doesn’t make excuses. MVP says its obvious that at OU they didn’t teach the difference between excuses and explanations. He says there’s a big difference between Swagger and MVP, and that’s that unlike Swagger MVP has never been afraid of a fight. HUGE MVP chant from the crowd for that, as Swagger starts to back off. Swagger says he doesn’t fight people below him, and especially doesn’t fight criminals. Swagger leaves, and MVP tells him its obvious since he’s been on Raw he doesn’t fight anyone. Great segment. If anyone reads Paul Heyman’s UK Sun articles its as if they read the part about MVP and used it word for word this week.

Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne
Well Kofi goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. Big Show to Evan Bourne in the course of about two hours for the live crowd. Bourne grabs a hammerlock, and then goes to a side headlock. Bourne rolls up Kofi for a one, and then a cradle for one. Bourne hits a backslide for one, and then Kofi ducks an enzaguri grabbing a half crab. Bourne gets to the ropes to break the hold, and then takes Kofi over with a side headlock. Kofi counters out with a headscissor, and then takes Evan over with a side headlock of his own. Bourne comes out with a side headlock, and they chain wrestle into a backslide attempt. Neither guy makes anything of that, so Kofi springboards off the second rope with a crossbody. Stinger splash connects by Kofi, but a second attempt hits the knees of Bourne. Evan heads to the top and a shooting star press picks up the upset win for Bourne at 3:05. I’d complain about the time, but if this is setting up a proper match at Night of Champions sign me up. After the match Big Show wanders out and attacks Kofi. Bourne tries to make the save, but you can probably guess how successful that is. Show kills both of them which I assume sets up a Davids vs. Goliath triple threat at the PPV. Oh joy.
Winner: Evan Bourne (Pinfall-Shooting Star Press **)

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