Snafu (n) means a chaotic or confused situation.
Snafu (adj) confused or muddled up, as usual.

I'm in a snafu with Google -I overetherized whether to paste Snafu's meaning here or not!Oh my.But I believe Google loves me and so as my blog that's why they gave me my Page rank back and so I'm going to paste it below:

According to Wikipedia SNAFU is an acronym meaning "Situation Normal; All Fucked Up". It is sometimes bowdlerized to "Situation Normal: All Fouled Up" or similar,[1] in circumstances where profanity is discouraged or censored. The acronym is believed to have originated in the US Army during World War II.

In modern usage, "snafu" is often used as an interjection, as a shorthand for the sentiment expressed by the phrase. "Snafu" is also sometimes used as a noun or verb, referring to a situation that suddenly goes awry or gets screwed up, or to the cause of the trouble. For example, the May 19th, 2005 edition of The New York Times had an article titled, "Hospital Staff Cutback Blamed for Test Result Snafu."[2] The piece described a mix up with cancer screenings that occurred at a hospital because the facility didn't have enough workers to process the tests.

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