After exactly three weeks of deciding I've finally found the perfect blogspot template for my blog.And it's none other than the Ultimate Blogging Wordpress Theme by carloocab(dot)com a filipino blogger converted by bloganol(dot)com.I chose it because it's professional looking,clean,adsense optimized and it quickly loads.

Ultimate Blogging Wordpress Theme Converted to Blogger

Now that I'm using it this should be ranked number one on my Top Ten Professional Blogspot Templates 2009 or by, maybe next time.This template is awesome and just came to existence so timely since I just had my blogoversary (though nobody greeted) and relaunch.

Features of this Template
  • This Template is professional type of blogger Template with stylish look.
  • This template has got auto related posts widget that show related posts automatically below each post.
  • This template is Google adsense Optimized.
  • This template consists of different slots for placing 125x125px banner ad.
  • This template hasd got stylish Subscription widget.
  • This template is two column designed.
  • This template has got three section footer at the footer of the blog.
What Did I add on the template?Nothing much-just the necessaries and all. . .

  • I added the widget "Auto readmore in blogger with image thumbnails".Clcik home to find out.
  • Adsense Advertisements on the header,navigation and inside the post articles.
    (want to know more about Google Ads placements for high adsense income?)
  • Added Blogger post page views counter tool on every post.
  •  Tag Label Cloud for Blogger
  • Though it's already provided -I tweaked the search bar on the upper right because I've encountered some errors while trying it.
  • I'm going to re-install my all time favorite comment system of all -Disqus.Install it on your blog -I'm assuring you it's worth it.It's no ordinary comment system for blogs especially made for blogspot users.
  • The "Change title position widget".
  • The meta tag optimizer for each post widget.
  • download now!
 If you have questions kindly comment me below. . .

What do you think did I miss?Do you know a blogger widget that would make this place even better?What do you think about my new Layout?
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