Twilight fans are going to gaga over the New Moon Clips from Comic Con.Written by the now so famous author Stephanie Meyer.The clips are said to be faithful to what is in the book.What you read is what you will see by the time New Moon hits the silverscreen.

Watching the clip from Comic Con,the first clip showed the love affair Bella Swan and Jacob Black had while in the middle of the forest.Where Bella learned to drive a motorcycle.Soon she had a premonition of Edward that made her feel so puzzled and drive to full speed.Jacob,then came over Bella and said "Are you trying to get yourself killed?".Bella, wounded on the forehead then apologized to Jacob and said "You're so beautiful".While on the second clip,it's the Volterra festival,where Bella and Alice are on the street.When Bella reached the fountain she saw Edward unbuttoning his shirt and letting the sun melt him."Stop! Stop! No Edward,don't" Bella said. . .and the clip ends there, making you wanna scream!
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