'Top 6' gang in Lake Worth and Boynton Beach featured on History Channel's 'Gangland' series.

News-Palm Beach County cops' battle against the local Haitian-American gang Top 6 will be the subject of an episode of The History Channel's Gangland series tonight, officials announced.The gang, most active in the Lake Worth and Boynton Beach area, attracted major law enforcement attention and media coverage after a series of high-profile attacks in late 2006 and early 2007. Those included a shooting at the Boynton Beach Mall on Christmas Eve 2006 and a triple homicide in Lake Worth in March 2007.Authorities have attribute at least 41 shootings and 14 homicides to the Top 6 gang in recent years, according to the state attorney general's office.The Gangland episode will air tonight at 9 on the History Channel. For more information about the program visit www.history.com/content/gangland.

The Gangland series tells the inside stories of some of America's most notorious street gangs. We learn how they've shaped their times and affected the neighborhoods that they controlled. From the destruction wrought by the heroin kingpins in Harlem of the 1970s to today's most dangerous gang MS-13, which has spread out from the inner city to infect unexpected turf --suburban communities--gangs have a rich yet deadly history. They usually start out as a form of protection for their members and community but then grow predatory as they feed on the very people that they purport to defend. With exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage, this is a raw look at life inside these gangs--from those who live it to the agencies that are working to stop them.
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