Was President Obama really looking at the booty of the blonde girl in pink?The picture was taken during Obama's G8 conference in Italy yesterday.Now, if President Obama is looking at the girl what's so wrong about that?That is so natural for a male and even the president is not exempted-when you see a pretty woman don't tell me you will just have to ignore her would you?

Obama looking at the girl

Update: It really seems like Obama is looking at the girl?Literally,on your point of view do you think president is really looking at the girl?Now we also have Nicholas Sarkozy the president of France plastering a suspicious smile at Obama who's looking at the girl.Did I just say that?Yes.I personally believe he's looking at the girl.

Now who is that girl Obama is looking at?According to NYpost the girl is identified to be a 17-year-old junior G-8 delegate from Brazil.But nobody tried to decipher who she really is! But there's a video clearing the issue.Watch it at http://www.nypost.com/seven/07102009/news/nationalnews/tail_to_the_chief_178552.htm

We saw another picture on the web.See it yourself!

Now,what can you say about this?

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