Neopets Daily Dares Secrets & Cheats -This page will cover Your dailies while playing the game neopets.Be wary for we will direct you to places where you can have some freebies like paintbrushes galore.We will unleash Neopets secrets,secret places and game cheats.

Aloha! fella neopian, you're about to experience a hassle-free tour at Neopia.We will provide links to uncover the secrets of Neopets.We will give you a lot of free wearable items,game cheats and "to-do" lists.Before doing so, we'd ask you to inform us if we've missed anything on the links below.So let's hit it and let's have an amazing Tiki tour at Neopia.

Neopets To Do Lists:

  1. Pet Central -here you can find the latest news,downloads and infos.
  2. Neopian Bank -Collect your daily Interest
  3. Neopet Lab Ray - you must have the map first
  4. The petpet Laboratory -zap you petpet with different paintbrushes but collect the map first
  5. Go fishing and catch some free item
  6. Healing Springs -heal you pet without wasting Np
  7. Have you meet the rich slorg? He might shell out some Np for you!
  8. Been to Hall of Heroes -check the janitor he oftentimes make you shriek!
  9. The Advent Calendar -The Advent Calendar only works in the Month of Celebrating. Every day you can come here to get a daily free gift. It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random! 
  10. The lunar calendar at shenku


Neopets free stuff

  • Coltzan Shrine -I personally won a paintbrush here!
  • The neopets fruit machine -my cousin won a paintbrush here!
  • Tombola -test your luck! goodluck then.
  • The snowager monster -A gust of cold wind assaults you as you enter this vast ice cavern. In the center you see a massive pile of treasure... thousands, possibly millions of rare Neopian items, the biggest hoard you have ever seen.Asleep between 6-7 am, 2-3 pm, and 10-11 pm NST.
  • Wake the Turmaculus and win big prizes!
  • This is risky most of the time but on the perfect timing it'll give you loads of freebies -The deserted tomb of geraptiku
  • Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
  • If you find a scarab, deposit it into the Qasalan Expellibox show. The machine will send the scarab across Neopia through a series of tubes, where the scarabs can live out their lives happily and far away from Qasala. The further from Qasala the scarab gets, the better your prize (you can even win Neocash if you hit the blinking tube). You may only deposit a scarab once per day, though. We wouldn't want to clog the tubes.
  • Petpet park -redeem your daily petpet items on your treasure chest
  • Monthly Freebies -Because they're feeling generous and because we deserve it, they're giving away 2,000 Neopoints and some food for our pets... absolutely free! Hoorah! Each of our pets has chosen a food to take with them and 2,000 Neopoints have been added to our accounts.
  • Grumpy Old King -tell him a joke when he laughs you've got some free items!
  • Tell him your words of wisdom if he's impress then he'll give you something! Wise king
  • Mysterious symol hole
  • Wheel of Excitement
  • Mediocrity Wheel
  • Wheel of Monotony
  • Wheel of Misfortune -the only fortune here are the spooky food and furnitures like coffin
  • Wheel of Knowledge
  • Nicks Wheel of Slime 

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