People who wants to watch the live online coverage of Michael Jacksons funeral and burial must check their local televisions now!

I hope there'll be a live full coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral or burial.In that way the whole people of the world will see everything -online.I'm just suggesting, I'm hopeful that  someone can provide a live stream at jackson's funeral.If ever it lays on my hand -I'll post it here and let's watch Mj as he laid to rest.So keep subscribing!!Although I'm quite sure that Tv locales are going to make coverage of it.

 CNN is reporting that Michael Jackson’s funeral will be on Tuesday July 7 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.There has been a lot of speculation and rumors flying about when, where the the late Michael Jackson’s funeral and memorial service will be held, but CNN has confirmed that it will be next week on Tuesday, July 7 at the Staples Center in L.A. There were reports that there would be a memorial service and possible public viewing of the star at his Neverland ranch, but those were denied by his family and reps.
Other reports suggested that Jackson could be laid to rest on the Neverland property but due to complicated land use bylaws in the area, there would not have been enough time to cut through the red tape.
 The Official Funeral details for Michael Jackson has not been scheduled yet but by the  time the autopsy reports are in and the family jackson schedules it,I will post the details here.
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