Personally I really have doubts if Michael's body was in the golden casket shown to the public at Staples.Notwithstanding the fact that I wasn't informed why the jackson family didn't open the casket make me wonder and eventually spread the rumor is Michael Jackson's body missing?

Michael Jackson's corpse is missing?Michael Jackson's body is missing?It was indeed effective but I'm not sure if I was the only one to spread such.Now, everybody's been wondering and all.There are reports which say that Michael jackson body had dysmorphic disorder and no one is sure if at the Michael jackson body was that of Michael Jackson or a Michael jackson body double.

It was also rumored that Mj's brain is also missing?

read  below:

Michael Jackson’s brain was not their when his body lay in the golden casket at his memorial service, it has been confirmed.

The late King of Pop’s brain has been kept for toxicology tests by experts who want to find out the singer’s fatal heart attack was caused by painkillers.
"As soon as we are done with the brain, we’ll return it. The last I heard, they are not burying the body yet," the Sun quoted assistant chief coroner Ed Winter as saying.
The ‘Thriller’ hitmaker’s death certificate - signed by sister La Toya - lists the cause of death as deferred.
Recently, Los Angeles Coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey said that neuropathology tests are going to be conducted to see if the brain holds any clues to the exact cause of Jackson’s death.
However, the examination cannot start until at least two weeks after the death when the brain has hardened sufficiently to slice it open.
Sources at the coroner’s office revealed that his brain was removed before his body was released to relatives the next day. (ANI)
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