Metro Manila,Philippines-A killer quake is threatening the lives of many amidst the issues that plagued the nation recently.If Influenza Type A(h1n1) has already killed one,infected 445 as of this day and still 22.5 million more filipino's at risk;Con Ass & Right To Reply are probable of suppressing freedom, heinous crimes are still on the loose -Now, nature strikes back with vengeance in the form of a killer quake.
Earlier, United Nation's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs'Arjun Katoch  said that an earthquake of most likely 7.8 or higher magnitude is slated to hit Metro Manila this year.The prediction was bolstered by the fact that it has a scientific basis.It was actually based on a study conducted by Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative last 2004.
"It's not that we're scaring the hell out of many Filipino's and make them panic and all -but you can't always rely on the saying Prevention is Better Than Cure by the time nature will declare war.Of course, it is very obvious that quakes can't be prevented.So therefore we must be ready in this kind of damnation.We are sounding alarm the bells upon telling everyone esp in Metro Manila to prepare.Coordinate with government officials by the time you'll notice signs of quakes.Be wary,be smart.I'd like to ask the government if they have the capacity or were they able to prepare for this kind of event we hope not to come.Reality Check! Is there a place safety enough to protect people away from falling debris?I mean we're not always in a place like a football field or anything?Most people in the urban stays on buildings than elsewhere" -said tediber.

This news came out in Inquirer to warn the people.According to the report. . .

During Tuesday’s taping of the BBC show, “World Debate,” hosted by Nik Gowing at the Centre International de ConfĂ©rences de Genève here, Kartoch provided a picture of magnitude of the tragedy.On the infrastructure side, buildings (hospitals, schools, establishments) and residential houses would collapse, he said, apparently simulating the impact of the quake based on urban congestion, population and buildings’ quake resistance.

Are the buildings safe enough for everyone not to worry about?Is it strong enough to stand a magnitude of most probably 8.5?We hope the government will move before anything else happens.Nobody knows when,what time will it happen.If nobody moves a muscle -“You gonna have 16,000 buildings destroyed. You gonna have …150,000 who are injured,” said Kartoch,.Or even worse -Dead.Again, we don't mean anything for the public to panic!Alongside with the news brought to us by Inquirer,We are not threatening -we're just informing.
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