Today, 6th of July,we are celebrating National Fried Chicken Day, and that's something we know a thing or two about around here.So where the heck are you going on Nat'l Fried Chicken Day?Are you going to a picnic with a fried chicken on your baskets?To the beach with a bucket of chicken legs?Wherever you prefer as long as you have chicken you'll really make the best out of National Chicken Day.

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Where can I buy the best fried chicken ever?On National Chickens day I'd want to eat at KFC they have the best tasting chicken joy?! Whoops! was that Jolibee?Hehe.But, among all of the chicken meal stations I've been "Banoks" is one of the best.Hehe.
For those of you interested in knowing how fried chicken came to be, it is said that it was introduced into the American South by Scottish immigrants who came to this country (www. When African slaves began cooking in homes they began to add unusual seasonings and spices that had not been a part of the Scottish tradition. These new seasonings combined with the Scottish frying technique were a hit and fried chicken, as we know it today, became a popular dish to serve for meals. 

Since slaves were often allowed to keep chickens, frying chicken on special occasions spread through the African American community. As the years progressed, fried chicken continued to grow in popularity. It is commonly known as Southern fried chicken because of the style of cooking and it is considered an African-American food specialty (

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