I must have salmonella by now.Just kidding I recall I just ate at Dunkin Donuts! omg! didn't know anything about this news or anything.all i did there was to eat of course.Love bavarian! love wackos! yummm.

Dunkin’ Donuts pulls drinks in salmonella concern
CANTON, Mass. — Dunkin’ Donuts has temporarily stopped selling hot chocolate and Dunkaccino brand beverages after learning equipment used at a supplier’s facility might have been contaminated with salmonella.

The Canton, Mass.-based company said Tuesday none of its products was contaminated and the withdrawal of the beverages from its stores was a precaution to ensure customer safety. It has about 6,400 franchised restaurants in the United States and says it serves 3 million customers a day.
Plainview, Minn., supplier Plainview Milk Products Cooperative announced it had voluntarily recalled its instant nonfat dried milk and whey protein because of potential salmonella bacteria contamination. It says there were no reported illnesses.
Dunkin’ Donuts says it expects to resume hot chocolate and Dunkaccino sales shortly. The chain sells 52 types of doughnuts and more than a dozen coffee drinks.
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