I really don't know how to start this Blogoversary post of mine besides I don't feel like it.I really don't know the precise date my blogging career started.All I know is that my first post which I have deleted already was posted in the month of July.But since it's July,I'll be no hypocrite! I'll be no Kill Joy! and today, I shall celebrate my blogoversary despite the fact that just this day Google shut down my pagerank to N/A (see the button above).Isn't it a bit depressing when you're supposed to celebrate something then you'll just know someone took your PR's away?Nevermind,anyways we are here to celebrate and all.

Alongside with my Blogoversary, I am going to have the Re-launching of this blog.So,today is the inauguration of this blog's foudroyant entity.To start with, allow me to apprise you that the new Bluerivenfire A.K.A "The Google Trender" will be of use for online reference esp for teens,center of essential news for gossipers and the fuller delectation of comical spoofs.And as far as the name of this blog is The Google Trender we will try to post anything found on Google trends.

The blog shall also be known as the online diary of the tyro blogger.Arguably, the author prefers not to elucidate his/her undecipherable identity nor his/her name.Yet in substitution after throwing the soul up into imbibing concepts of efficiency, the blog shall be known for the blogger's online equivalent,alter-ego,the BEAR BLOGGER in the form of an ambrosial grizzly caricature from a known social gaming application in facebook(PetSoc) meet -TEDIBER.
This blog may be a panoptic blog but what makes it unique is that it adumbrates some of the Filipino's idiosyncrasies.Hoping that it'll make you plaster a smile and brighten up your day.

Hosting -I'm using Blogspot simply because I can't afford to buy a domain.Blogspot is nice for starting a blog but if given Free of hosting,domain and premium template why not switch to Wordpress.?Now, click that Paypal Button and donate as much as you can!

Design & Template -I'm using one of Blogger's classic templates.It quickly loads and that's why!But I'm looking forward to apply the Google Chrome template here.I think It'll look nice and all I'm not just sure if it will load quickly.I'm still deciding what template to apply on this blog -Do you have any suggestions?

Also included in this blog, to make it more protean and varied, are Search Engine Optimization on Blogspot tips,Facts,Trivia's and Did You Know exerpts,Tips on boosting up your Adsense Earnings on Blogspot,Simplified Blogger(blogspot) Hacks,Making Money Online and other geeky trends.For our originals, never miss the seasonal Top10,comic strips and Tediber's spooftacular missions.Get to know these and more in The Google Trendz -the only need-to-know,want-to-know blog you reader impulse really needs.On the contrary on some of my would-be posts, I haven't cashed out any Adsense earnings yet.

Blog Performance Update:

I'm still doubtful whether to write publish this update on this post or not.As what I've said my adsense earnings are low , my google pagerank shut down to N/A but I've just entered Philippine Top Blogs Top100 -I'm currently on the 30th spot.Which means my traffic has increased but still no one clicks my ads!(Well you can perhaps click on them instead of donating! Google! Matt Cutts I'm just kidding)

Announcement: In celebration for my blogs relaunch and blogoversary I'd like to inform you that I'm opening a page for bloggers -nuffnangers and all.So let's exchange links? Yes.Finally I'm going to be friendly you may also want to follow me or anything.I have notice I only have few blogger friends and one of them-I really don't know if he really treats me a friend -what a backbiter! Let's not talk about him.So fella bloggers and nuffnangers lets exchange links -simply post your blog URL on the comments below.Do I have to No-follow the links or what?Come back soon to see your links on the go for clicking!

To end this,Just like Pres.Obama's last words on his inaugural address "All this we can do. All this we will do."
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