My heart is mourning!I always have this problem with my pagerank.I was granted a PR2 early this year  when all of a sudden it got shut down to zero last 3rd of June or so.Why am I still being cursed like this?Is this some kind of cycle that leads you nowhere?I've submitted a reconsideration way back in June and in no time Google promptly gave it to me back-I was very glad then that I smiled all day-but now! they've taken it away to me again! for the second time? I must admit that I've copied and pasted some of other people's articles  but I made sure it is no follow though, but  linked to them.I've failed to no follow the links on the post Neopets Daily Dare which I posted last night and what do I have now?The worse than ever page ranking I've ever had! N/A!If I had my Pr to zero last time this time google reverted it to Not available and is subjective to their supplemental rules,I think so.

Just when everything is getting better like my blog traffic increase,I'm currently top30 at Topblogs,I'm glad that every minute I always have visits,I earn a dollar a day at adsense; these Google pagerank checker people will always have to shut down my google page rank.No matter what PR my blog has it doesn't really matter for me-well because I do not have paid links,payperposts and all those make money online websites you hate!And I think I have ridden along with those websites you really hate.WHY?WHY?WHY?I even change the title of this blog from simply bluerivenfire to The Google Trender -and if you'd ask me why the answer is because I thought you like my blog for you quickly gave to me my Pr back last time, and you indexed my website though not so often but still i have this post you've indexed and all and lastly I so love google trends!
If you have given me the same mercy with those people who has begged for you to give their Pr's back last June.I hope you will also give me the same mercy by the time you'll read my reconsideration request. Just tell me what do I have to do! what have I done wrong!
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