Google! What have I done wrong?It's always the same old question that runs through my head and plunges through my veins.Just after my problem with loosing my Pagerank for the second time around -another problem occurred?How would I know if I was banned?All I know is that if you lost your pagerank -google won't index your articles and all.Am I right?I don't really know-I'm oftentimes wrong.Or was it all my fault. . I was happy yesterday because I've reached one of my goals -to at least make it a dollar a day at Adsense but after logging in this morning I've found out -almost or maybe all of my articles which I believe google has indexed has just vanished.Or is that nobody just had a researched for anything my blog has to offer?Now I'm ranting down again.I'm really disappointed.Why I am being punished like this?
Last month my Pagerank shut down to zero,after having it back Google has once again zapped it down into N/A (not available).I don't think I have violated any of your rules?haven't I?Then if so -prompty tell me.

It's really a big deal for me.Why? because from 30 I'm now 135 at topblogs.Another is that my traffic volume has decreased by over 90 percent.And the worse thing ever is that I don't have any blogger friends that would likely to visit my blog and exchange links and all.In fact nobody greeted me on my re-launch and blogoversary.Well except from Boris.He's a nice guy and all.
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