I'm really an avid fan of these cute little babies since there first commercial way back then.It seemed to me as if they never grew or anything.This Evian babies on Skates while breakdancing is no exception when it comes to the must-see.Just like on the movie SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses, these babies has the brain! and undoubtedly has the moves.I hope sooner people behind this ads will make a 30 minute short film with the babies as the protagonists.
This tv ad is one of the best commercials ever.I believe its the best marketing strategy ever to produce a hilarious and moving commercial.Live Young! Evian babies on skates.You're so good at break dancing when I don't even know how to do it.LOL.
For those unlucky people who wasn't able to watch the tv ad nor have been informed or chanced upon this at Youtube.Here's the lucky live young Evian Babies on Skates that will surely brighten up your day!
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