(CNN) -- The average temperature in Bloomington, Minnesota, in January was 6.4 degrees Fahrenheit. But that didn't stop Adam Frey from grilling outdoors and burning through 80 pounds of charcoal during the month.

Frey received a Big Green Egg -- a ceramic cooker that serves as a smoker, grill and oven -- for Christmas last year. Since then, he has devotedly grilled six or seven days a week.
"Extreme cold isn't an issue as long as you dress warm," Frey said. "I have and will continue to cook out every day if possible."

The oval-shaped grill has amassed a cult-like following since it was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1974. Fans of the grill call themselves Eggheads. Tell us about your grill of choice
Frey began grilling more than 20 years ago but got his first Egg in 2008.
"It changed everything," he said. He now owns two Eggs and calls himself a "grill junkie."
"When you find yourself waking up, thinking about what you're going to grill that night, you're pretty addicted," Frey said. iReport.com: See photos of Frey's grilled meals.

With a hefty price tag and weight -- some Eggs cost up to $900 and weigh more than 200 pounds -- the uninitiated may question whether the cookers are worth it. Eggheads, though, are quick to spread the gospel.continue reading. . .
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