Of all this is the number 1 Bloggerized Wp Template Blogspot users will surely download in pronto! It's Adsense-friendly and will totally boost up your Google Adsense Earnings-spell SEO?

I don't know why but does it really matter how your blog looks? These days I've really been in to a lot of trouble while customizing my blog template.I've spotted a perfect magazine-like blog template for my blog which is said to be a premium WPtemplate.And that is the "Daily Inspired" created/converted/bloggerized by Antonio Lupetti of Woork.I downloaded it for free then applied it to  my blog  and I really love it.

Though it's already a pro & clean template,I did everything I can just to make it look more appealing, professional and so that it'll load quickly.With my Html and Xhtml skills, I edited some of the bgcolors,html & xhtml,of course the url for anchor text links(provided with YOUR-URL-HERE),then photoshop-ed personalized images for the logo and welcome note,added some useful widget and even tried burning another feed at feedburner for the recent comments and lastly used Google Adsense to add some income in my blog.I was so happy with the result but I ended up grieving- It took me a lot of time that I forgot to nofollow the links so Google shut down my pagerank, I thought.Anyways I'm still happy with the result but whenever my eyeballs come across the gray 0 pagerank button on the sidebar I always get anxious.So I decided to remove it and all.Let's not talk about it okay?I'll be posting my struggles with retrieving my PR back -as soon as I can send Google a request.

I have so many plans that I don't know where to start -like messing up with the tags so that I can insert the url of my desired category on the navigation bar(As you can see,I haven't done anything on the nav bar) another is to edit the logo -I don't feel like it after receiving a comment saying it's way too grungy for a blog like mine and last is that I wanted to use JSquery or Ajax slideshows on the Home Page area.I would also like to make a horizontal marquee-ed blogroll under the Welcome Note.
Daily inspired is a highly customized blogger template and I must admit having knowledge with HTML,xHMTL,JS,CSS & of course BLOGGER is an advantage,so if you don't you'll prolly have problems.I'm still a student and I think I only have enough knowledge to work this thing out.I know I can -but it'll take some time.Even though I'm not yet finished with my template -I might as well share to you some tips and tricks to make your Daily Inspired template level Up!

 Now if you happen to like the Template -LET'S CUSTOMIZE IT!!

  • Let's start it in the special section of the template where you can add some Html codes. 
Simply find this code:
<!-- START[Home Page Section]-->

Don't forget CTRL+F to find it at ease!And simply add your Html codes below the code given above.

  • THE NAVIGATION BAR is one of the most important part of your blog.It  allows your readers to easily access the pertinent information in your blog/website.It can be divided into parts we usually call TABS.Simply find this comment "


    " and add the URL of your post or it can be the url of a particular label.
  • One thing you'll notice on my Home Page is that only the post titles are shown -Its good to know that Antonio has already provided that.If in case you didn't like the theme and you also wanted to show only your Post Titles on the homepage heres how [Go Here].
  • The best thing in the these template is the Adsense code location.Don't worry you don't have to insert such codes -it's already provided when you download this theme.Antonio Lupetti changed the Adsense code location.When you're using Show Ads Between Post in your Adsense widget where ads are placed below the post -but with his code it can be placed under your post title which means you can  blend it with the theme to lull the eyes of your readers.I recommend you of blending it with the theme and in just two days you'll improved the number of clicks/CTR like what I just did.
That's all for now! What can you say about my new template?
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