Not a semester goes by without the same old thing for your first assignment.Crap! This should be easy now.I always had this problem about searching for USEP'S Mission, Vision and Goals.I just hate it when the search engines automatically redirects me into a site where i can't find what I'm looking for.I've used a lot of keywords and all but I always get into the same old website and I'm feeling the same old thing -anxious.Well, the site has the Mission, Vision and Goal though but it's not the one I'm looking for.I mean, I'm looking for the Fully-detailed MVG of our school not the shortened one.The MVG isn't written in our handbook so I only have two ways of finding it out.And it's either to search the net or to stand right in front of the Board near the security where the MVG is written and stay there until I burn.
Well, it's a relief that my classmates handed me their copies of MVG.And I'm going to paste it here -I guess most of the freshmen will have to research for our schools Mission,Vision and Goal.So I might as well share it to them and share Traffic with those irrelevant crappy sites I've been through earlier.


USEP shall produce world-class graduates and relevant research and extension through quality education and sustainable resource management.Particularly, USEP is committed to:
  • Provide quality education for students to grow in knowledge, promote their well-rounded development, and make them globally competitive in the world of work;
  • Engage in high impact research, not only for knowledge’s sake, but also for its practical benefits to society; and,
  • Promote entrepreneurship and industry collaboration.


By becoming a premier university in the ASEAN Region, the USEP shall be a center of excellence and development, responsive and adaptive to fast-changing environments. USEP shall also be known as the leading university in the country that fosters innovation and applies knowledge to create value towards social, economic, and technological developments.


Aligned with the university 's vision and mission are specific goals for Key Result Areas (KRA) on Instruction;

Research, Development, and Extension; and Resource Management:

KRA 1. Instruction
Produce globally competitive and morally upright graduates
KRA 2. Research, Development, and Extension (RDE)
Develop a strong R,D,&E culture with competent human resource and responsive and relevant researches that are adopted and utilized for development.
I still have to search for our Institutes MVG! The institute of computing -crap! Till here Usepians.

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