I was surfing for latest videos at Youtube when I chanced upon this video.Everyone's been talking and searching about this lately, I'm sure.During an interview with CNBC's John Harwood yesterday, President Barack Obama was distracted by a buzzing fly in the White House.Now watch the video for a recap or so that you'll know what the heck i'm talking about.
On what seems to be a humorous way of swatting a fly, Pres.Obama really displays the common annoyance to most of the people.People around somewhere has opinions of their own and of course it's either a bad one or a compliment.Some will say the Ninja style of getting rid of a fly is cool and that Obama is cool too.There are also some who lacks sense of humor that their opinion appears to be tongue in cheek.But personally, there's really nothing wrong about killing a fly! I mean who the hell wouldn't want to kill a fly that irritates the hell out of you?What I am only afraid of is that by the time Obama runs out of patience he may become a killer instead.lol.I can't wait to see people rally in front of the white house with placards saying "JUSTICE IN MEMORY OF THE WHITE HOUSEFLY".
What can you say about that?
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