Did you know, studies show that touch therapy, including massage, contributes to a healthy weight gain, enhanced growth and social development in infants? Amazing!!! isn't it? But I'm not gonna tell you more further about that thing.What I have for you guys is this great though quite embarrassing experience he had Yesterday.I'm suffering from some kind of sickness.A goddamn sickness that caused massive explosions and almost killed my friends.Yes! I have these insane viruses and bacterias hosting my body and causes me to blow everyone away.Poor Ego has coughs.And I'm so over it ,YET.At school my classmates would always tease me with my stupid cough.Coughing here,coughing there, can't control it.It goes involuntarily.And whats wrong is that I kept on hiding my face with the phlegm-soaked face towel (ugh! gross), not to spread the virus I have.There are times that I almost wish I was dead because it's hurting my stomach; coughing the whole time till I'll pass out soon.Well, there was a time I hyperventilated trying not to cough.Three weeks of water therapy,more than enough rest and sweets ban but the condition got worse.Worse than ever.
I took cough medicines but it didn't work.So my Mom forced me to take in antibiotics.Taking in medicines makes me puke to death.They're damn not so effective that my royal blood couldn't take.Take this ! take that ! Every after taking in medicines I would grimace in disgust.I dislike taking in medicines that doesn't even work or maybe until I would be desperate enough to take many dosages a day.Life with this Life-shortening stuff bores,pains,and will kill you softly within.
And yesterday I was surprised when my Mom told me to go with our "forever chikadora" neighbor.I was expecting that I'd be getting something out of somewhere.Like my mom would always tell me to do.You know, "go there get that" baloney and all that crappy stuff.I was with Auntie Inday and her son.I was behind,following their steps.I didn't dither to ask where we're going.Not until I heard the rushing of a nearby river.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
She whispered something but I didn't got it.Then she startled me by an ambush talk saying craps that goes in circle and and the bottom line is that she was trying to give me the idea and that this thing would make me feel better.MASSAGE.If you think it's the massage you could get at the SPA,then your wrong?Not at shiatsu centers either.I suppose you already had yourself massaged by a typical barrio "manghihilot" on your respected community?right? Or maybe not..just yet.
And so we headed to the riverbank where a small hut painted a scene of poverty.A nice,old and at times eerie-looking native masseur welcomed us with a smile.He's like on his 70's, I guess.He was sort of surprised by our visit.He's with his wife.They're both old and all.And again my Auntie Inday started her incessant talking stuff.As we entered their house,Manong showed us the Filipino hospitally saying
"Sorry, it's all we have..a small hut" he said.
It broke my heart.I felt sorry for them.Then Auntie Inday started the gossiping stuff.I didn't listened to their conversation.Not until they're talking about what had happened to Manong's hut?Twas said that it has been burned by some bastard.I wasn't able to catch up with their talk,but there are things I'm sure about.First is that their house was burned,second is that they were running from someone the time their house was burned and lastly is that they are satisfied of what they have now.Auntie Inday's son took the session first.Manong told him to do the prone position and to remove his shirts first before that.He applied the ointment on his back.I was by the window,my elbows at the windowsill enjoying the beautiful scenery of the river.The water was brownish though,but the trees on the other side made a clear,upside down forest on the water.It was peaceful and quiet when the kid started complaining.He was ouching.It got my attention and stared on what the kid has gone into -the traditional way is painful.His screams echoed on my mind.It made me nervous but I manage to collect myself.Manong is nice!!!Every things gonna be fine.Now, after some bone crushing expedition the kid had had it's now my turn to experience that ordeal.MASSAGE or HILOT the Traditional way.The sometimes painful but considered one of the most effective way of healing some illnesses.
"Oh my!"
"Ouch! Ahh..WTF"
"Ugh! not there?please"
"Cut it off!"
Those phrases bombarded my mind.I couldn't think of anything else but to run away.It's great and relaxing but most of the time it's painful.IDK if it's really painful because I would just laugh it off.OH! man.He slightly pulled my jugging pants down.Not to the max that my ass could be as viewable as the river.I have no idea why?Spell -embarrassed.But he massage the part at the end of my spinal cord.I can feel it, he traced my spine with his thumb from the neck and massage it down there.That part hurt the most.OUCH!!!.Then he mumbled the this and thats and the whys and all that stuff! And finally I'm done.Finally free.FINALLY.Felt great after that.And now, just right now, I feel so much better than before.By tomorrow I think the cough will vanish.
The feeling was great!!! Highly recommended by me.I do believe even doctors had themselves with this people.Though they had no formal training in the medical sciences, Filipinos would always try to look for them.Not only Filipinos but also with foreigners.Actually our traditional Hilot will be brought to the West.Because our traditional hilot is one of the hottest trends in spa today.According to my research it was nominated as the “Spa Treatment of the Year” during the 2005 Baccarat Inaugural Awards in HongKong".Amazing!!!
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