After the successful movie TWILIGHT comes another movie franchise from Stephenie Meyers novels.New Moon.One of the most awaited movie of this year.YES THIS YEAR.Days after announcing the new director (Chris Weitz) in replacement for Twilight's director Catherine Hardwicke (some says She'd been fired) Summit entertainment announced that the sequel will come out exactly a year.So! It must be..NOV.20 or so,I guess.Twilight Controversies flooded the world of entertainment and as expected either good/bad comments were part of the game.As Summit with Weitz starts the choosy actor-fishing expedition big names were drop.
Can you believe that this very young lady will play the role  of the egregious member of the Italian Volturi vampires, Jane(A psychic and sadistic child vamp).She's only 14( turning 15 this Feb.23) though she fits for the role.
Isn't she familiar?You know her?
Remember now?That eleven year old girl who'd always scream at (2005) Steven Spielberg's movie with Tom Cruise "WAR OF THE WORLDS"?.
Rumors like she was automatically appointed by the new director for the role because she perfectly fits for it, had clang the ears of other actresses whose craving for the role. However, she'll definitely play Jane for New moon.
After her successful "High School Musical" Vanessa Hudgens  auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in the Twilight sequel.On the book, Leah's working with the werewolves.We'd be hoodwinked by her looks on New Moon if ever she'll have the role.Rejoice! Philippines this half Pinay (if ever) seeks for action!! at New Moon.
 Following the two actresses above! this beautiful ugly betty has reporteldly auditioned for the role of Emily Young (the fiance of Leah's cousin Sam Uley played by Solomon Trimble).America Ferrera!! Oh! Imagine Ugly betty on twilight?HAHA.She's a good actress and would definetly make you feel at home.
Lets huddle with the boys!! One of the new male characters of NEW MOON is Alec.Jane's undead twin brother...according to Meyer's description of Alec, he has darker hair than her twin Jane.So if Dakota's gonna be Jane.Who'll be Alec.There are currently four names on the row.First is "Lucas Gabriel of HSM", second is Tom Felton, the third one is Gaspard Ulliel of Hannibal Rising and lastly Freddie Highmore of finding neverland. Whose your bet?I'd go with "Lucas"! [vote who you want to get the role! @ (here)]
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