I don't have any payperpost articles nor have I displayed any ads that will look like paid advertisements.I no followed all the links.Matt Cutts! What do I have to do just to make you give my PR2 back?As  my eyeballs get across the gray pr button it would always make me anxious.Why is it like that?You don't give notices or even comment me and say you reset my pagerank because of this and that.What do I have to do to get it back?Have I violated any of your acclaimed Google Supplemental Rules?

Isn't it that you just hate my blog?You hate bluerivenfire don't you! Yes, my site sounds weird but taking Pr so quickly is even weirder for me.I've already red Google Penalization How to get your Page rank back recipe and all.I've submitted a request but i don't know how long will i have to wait.Darn it,you really spoiled my day.I'm just hoping you'll give it back.And never ever touch my Adsense earnings okay!

I'm very very disappointed.I've already filed a reconsideration and wish you'll get to read what I said there!
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