I hate it when people starts spreading rumors at twitter.There had been series of celebrity deaths recently.Guess, who just died in June? Michael Jackson,Farrah Fawcett,Billy Mays guess who's next?

Hours ago, the search about Britney spears got into it's peak and now comes another hollywood star, to be specific the teen-Pop sensation Miley Cyrus is DEAD.Crap this is totally insane!!It was rumored that she died on a car accident earlier.Yeah! So Hilarious. .What's wrong with you people spreading such stuff.She's Not DEAD.It's just a mere hoax and that's all.

Now after this, who comes next being killed or whatever the like?huh?Could it be Celine Dion?Mariah Carey?Or how about Janet Jackson commiting suicide and all?Or maybe Maddona.I've have noticed most of the celebrity who dies has the "Pop" on their Title's.Like the late Michael Jackson which is The king of Pop,Farrah is culture pop icon.Britney, though only a rumor, is the Pop princess, the current teen pop sensation is miley.

How about Katy Perry?Does she have twitter?Or Lady Gaga getting gaga over something that she ended cold dead?Or Miley Cyrus's crush DAvid Archuleta -dead?

Did I just Missed Bruce willis rumored to be dead?
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