Funny how everything goes whenever I'm mad.I'm still deranged from last night's altercation with my parents.With a sly grin I promised that I'm never gonna talk to them.Only that I'm not sure how long can I keep my mouth shut.I'm supposed to be the noisiest person on earth but Wtf! I hope I can keep this up.Avoiding them will help but apparently they're allover the place.I can't even move a muscle and all.It feels as if I had nowhere to run.I'm sick of all the quarrels at home!Now as soon as they start blabbing, I leave on my own.But before walking out, I usually and deliberately say something that would irritate them.And they always call me back just to give me a sermon.

I was looking for the newspaper and all.I never asked anyone where it was.Grandma's near the stairs and its the only place I haven't tried to go in search for the newspaper.I just have to go upstairs but I'm afraid that she might say or ask something about the row I had with Mom last night.It only took me a few seconds to decide and there I go -upstairs.I'm halfway up when she asked me where I was going? "Isn't it obvious that I'm going downstairs?" I always wanted to say that on her face but I can't.If I did I'm totally doomed.I just turned to her and gestured that I'm going up.Now what? She wanted to know why I was quiet.Why shouldn't I be quiet if I have nothing to say? Lol.They can't just force me to say something when I'm supposed to be quiet and when I don't feel like it.This is a free country right?I didn't budge after she asked that -I'm glad she didn't insisted on finding out about my silence.

I'm bored.I don't know what to do on Sundays.I may have the newspaper beside me but just reading few of the headlines makes me yawn.Dad passed by and of course he has something to say because he's very busy doing something.He said that I was such a lazybones and that there so many things to do. . .blah.blah.blah and all.So, I hastily nabbed the newspaper,opened it and pretended to be busy.Busy huh?You can never do anything when he's around monitoring your every move.BEWARE HAYDEN CAMERA!ahaha.The newspaper is still widely open when my eyeballs were met with the word blogger printed on the news.It felt as if I was being pinged.I was alarmed and then I must also sound alarm the bells.It's about a bill that will ALSO cover bloggers -so be wary it can really affect more than 5m bloggers nationwide.And that is what you must be aware of otherwise you'll be punished as far as it has something to do with law.Check back soon -be on time -see you on my next Politic-related post.
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