I don't think I should be rejoicing just because of this but it helped me on boosting up my stats again.As you can notice(or maybe not) my stats came back and so with my glitteratti membership at nuffnang.It also garnered me the most number of comments since I switched to Disqus for my comment system.This only proves that at Nuffnang you can in South-Eeast Asia.Though it's currently the trending topic of the day here at my blog, I wouldn't want you to read it because I beleive my english way back then is poor and the article is crappy itself.Over-all it's undoubtedly a MEDIOCRE article.I'm still a bundle of nerves!!
As you may notice on the image above (click it to enlarge)I used the post title "Nuffnang Banned Me For a Decade".And a blogger who promotes his/her blog might as well use or think of any phrase for a title that will really intrigue the hell out of people.In that way you'll gain more traffic and I'm delighted because my stats are back once again.Thanks Nuffnang!Thanks Innit!Thanks Nuffnangers!
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