"Dream of my life, my living and burning desire
All hail! -Cries the soul that is now to take flight,
All hail! And sweet it is for thee to expire;
To die for thy sake that thou mays't aspire;
And sleep in thy bosom eternity's long night."
 -Jose P. Rizal


When the first Philippine Republic was proclaimed, its constitution provided for a representative democracy.The Philippine declaration of Independence borrowed even the language of the American charter of Liberty.Under America, Philippine Independence was proclaimed on July 4 1946.It's annual observance was later changed to June 12 to coincide with the proclamation of Philippine Independence Day by General Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavite.And since then, we celebrate Philippine Independence every twelfth of July.
Philippine nationalism hasn't just been a struggle against Spanish,Americans and Japanese colonialism but with some of our very own lawmakers who has once again awakened the nationalistic spirit in the hearts of every Filipino through their selfishness and cupidity in line with the volcanic issue "CON-ASS".Philippines is threatened by a bill that would eventually turn what our heroes were fighting for in to gray -PEACE! LIBERTY! FREEDOM! DEMOCRACY and finally SUCCESS.So let us all be the best modern Katipuneros we can be -Say No to Con-ass! In the midst of our celebration let us not be blind;
No to Conass!
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