glass frog or crystal frog /see-through frog picture
It's not the very first time that this creature was discovered but it's one of the rarest and it's life is endangered.Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum is the scientific name of the glass frog also called crystal frog.What made the see-through frog remarkable is that you can barely see it's organs.Alongside with the discovery of the transparent frogs, are also strange looking creatures.Like the ugly salamander,Gnome Katydid,poison arrow frog and lots more.
Conservation Internation conducted a three-week biodiversity study at Nangaritza Ecuador.While exploring the forests of Ecuador they found out that these creatures have been staying in a dormant condition away from the eyes of  mortals.
According to Bloomberg, out of 14 million plants and animals in the world, human beings have been acquainted with only about 1.8 million.Therefore there's a lot more to discover.And in the search for these creatures, will it be possible that it might lead us to the discovery of new species of the already extinct dinosaurs?

For me, I might be out of topic but I'm really craving for something gummy! I wonder how it tastes like if I'll eat it alive!lol.
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