You need no money to enjoy the richness of the game "THE SIMS 3"

The 3rd installment of the best-selling PC franchise in the history, the Sims 3 has finally arrived.It's not only available on PC's but also available now for your Iphones and Ipod Touch.In Itunes the game download will cost you $9.99 but here -it's totally FREE!!

Get stunned by the 3d graphics! The first thing to do is of course to create your sim.Choose the personality of your sim like funny,neurotic,shy and etc. . .Then customize your sim with clothing and accessories.Now you're all set up for a tour -take a walk around the new Sims neighborhood discover secret places and experience a sim-like adventure like for real.Like the previous The sims you have to maintain your sims basic needs like eating,sleeping,bathing,socializing and all to keep it happy.Do things your way -gardening,repairing and all that stuff.But I would suggest you to cause mayhem around the neighborhood like what I always do when I play Sims.Ahaha.I think I'm mad player -I really am!Do whatever you want -enjoy your free The Sims 3 download!


The sims 3 cheat codes are entered as codes into the console but where the heck is the console located?It's hidden actually but with some key pressing combo you can display the console:


After displaying the console you type the code and press Enter and Binggo!
(The codes are marked in red)

  • Want to Add 50,000 More Simoleons?

Sims 3 Cheat code: Motherlode

  • Show or Hide Talk and Thought Balloons Above Sim's Head
Sims 3 Cheat code: hideHeadlineEffects [on or off]
Note: When set to off you will not see the talk or thought bubbles above Sim's heads.
Example code entry: Press CTRL + SHIFT + C, then type hideHeadlineEffects on, and press Enter to activate the code.

Add Family Funds

Sims 3 Cheat code: familyfunds [Familyname] #
Note: The use of this code, with the family name as the modifyer and an amount as a variable, will add the given number of funds to the Sim family.
Example code entry: Press CTRL + SHIFT + C, then type familyfunds mysimsfamilyname 100000, and press Enter to activate the code.

  • Buy More Furniture

Use the money cheat... money increasing when applying these cheats and buy more and more furniture.
—Guest amey

  • money,money,money!!!

use the cheat code to make your house but for other needs like buying food and clothes make them get a job so that their lives are more interesting
—Guest toosh
Click Here for more cheats(

Now that you're all set up! Download the game:

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