I noticed that everyone's been searching for Demi Moore's Bush Pic,George Moore Demi Bush Pic,Demi Bush Pic or whatever it is.I have no idea what it was or where the heck it came from so, I have to find out.There are so many search results but I couldn't still find the most accurate one.Demi Moore do you have an affair with Bush?Why is it that you're the most trending topic on Google for the past three days?I always wanted to find out what the heck it was and what photo are they referring to.What can I do?Bloggers,Websites owners has already posted irrelevant yet out of topic articles about this stuff just to earn a lot of traffic.I'm not a hypocrite though,I won’t deny that I have ridden along with the other bloggers(with you) who were up looking for the Demi Bush Pic and posting such article or anything.
Where & How did it started?
It all started when Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central posted a video on a popular video sharing site asking people to search for “Demi Moore Bush”, actually “Demi Moore George Bush picture”, but leave out the George.Then he said look for “Demi Moore Mr Bush” leaving out the Mr,and  then he said “Demi Moore look at that bush” but you don’t need to include the look at that part.

I still don't get it? if you know -tell me then in the comments are below.
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