Tomorrow, June 8, 2009 is supposed to be the opening of classes for most of the Colleges and Universities Nationwide but Dr. Emmanuel Angeles, chair of the Commission on Higher education (CHed), announced the postponement on Saturday, saying the delay will give time for students who traveled abroad to do self-quarantine against the Influenza A (H1N1) virus.It's good to hear this news! right? Let's rejoice College students or maybe not? I think a week isn't enough to fill my summer itinerary.I demand for more weeks of extension! (haha.just kidding).I'm a student of the University of Southeastern Philippines,here in Davao but it was said that our school isn't linked with CHED.I mean, they said we are under PASUC and all.But recently I received a text message saying our University President moved the opening of classes to June 15,2009.So if we're studying in the same University -please convey to others.And if not! watch out for further memos and I suggest you to look forward for a postponement.Ahaha.
As of now, Philippines has 33 confirmed H1N1 cases and FYI it's the highest in South-East Asia.
Though our University is under PASUC or whatever it is . . .Angeles ordered the postponement of classes through a memorandum dated June 5. It is addressed to heads of private and public higher education institutions, state universities and colleges, local city colleges and regional directors of CHEd.See the one in bold? Yes! we belong in a state U and so be it.*laughs*
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