Who won the American Idol Season 8 2009?Again,who is it? Kris Allen!? THE UNDERDOG! THE DARK HORSE! Oh my god.This is definitely an upset and people will really be disappointed of the result.Though some predicted for Kris Allen's winning -many were really in to Adam.Well,it's not just America, the world, not Adam either but also Kris Allen was a bit spaced out and became speechless of his win.He even said "This is crazy!".To know what I'm talking about -watch the recap (copy the link to your browser or simply click it)- http://primetime.tv.yahoo.com/video/1.

The show is good but the result were really unsatisfying, the thing is -now all of the hearsays/gossips/predictions are over!The fight is over.Kris is good -but still Adam should have won.Some say its all because of Adams sexuality that he didn't make it.Who would have thought it is.When has sexuality become the basis of whose gonna be the next American Idol.If that's the reason then it does make sense to the people of his kind and of the people who crowns Lambert as the winner.Anyways I don't have the intention to make this post, informative and long as usual.Let's just all rejoice!and keep things as they are already!!
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