People of the Philippines -WAKE UP!

Come to think of it, Throughout the history of Philippine election was there ever an election that passed where everyone was satisfied?Aren't you sick of the band-aid solutions the current leaders have for us?Then if so-WAKE UP! Don't you think it's about time to prove your worth? our might?We're exactly a year before the election comes and now is the perfect time to open our minds.Yeah I'm aware that the mentality of people has been blinded by poverty and all that stuff but until when?Where does the lunatic cycle goes? the answer- around and around.

During Campaign period, you can see that these candidates are knocking for our votes, leaving us with such promises saying "We are about to experience change".Now think, there are only few of them and there are many of us.If you think they can make change then how massive can that be?Please always bear in mind that we are responsible for our own future and for every little action we make can already create a change-which determines the fate of our country.Let us all begin the would be change by putting the greatest caution upon choosing the leader and that must start in ourselves.Be wise! Be Censorious! Always keep an eye on these loudmouthed, big tummy alligators knocking our conscience with vague and ill-defined promises for our vote.WEIGH THEM -RATE THEM-THEN VOTE THEM! not because of their colorfully dramatic campaigns and advertises but on what they've done and contributed while they're sitting on their terms.If you think they're deserving because of you believe that their contributions to the community will grow up on existence for the years to come-then so shall be it.

Teens of the Philippines -WAKE UP!
If you're turning 18 before the 2010 elections or is qualified to vote then register now.You don't want to be the last one in that long winding line do you?Or worse -you don't want the undeserving candidate take step ahead do you?Because if you ain't gonna move -nothings gonna happen but you accepting your cruel fate-our doomsday.Like everyone else, us teens must impart our critical notions about the coming 2010 elections, we must make the smart choice.And to make the smart choice-if not the smartest is set to make the change we all ever wanted happen.There are a lot of initiatives that has been creating such ways in order to keep the coming election clean! -and one of the most anticipated is the AKO ANG SIMULA: Bayan mo I-patrol mo and lots more.While others do the social stuffs there are also those who'll stand up -and pray for our country's fate.Fella bloggers around blogosphere has set up a blog prayer brigade for the future presidents.For we all know, aside from us God has a lot to do with the sooner fate our country will have.Now let's just see what the candidates has to offer us by the time campaign starts.I think they'll be starting fixing themselves including their hairdos to win our trust.

Before putting this into an end- Some people needs to be awaken too! 2010 electoral candidates -WAKE UP! Now prepare for my sermon.Despite the fact that there are still those few deserving candidates we can't ignore the firm fact that people thinks anyone in a position to be the twin of the word corruption.If you don't want them to think you're one of those greedy alligators with conceited ideologies then prove it.You keep talking about us! our goodness! our sake! When will you shut up and move?

If you're concerned please speak your mind in the comments section below.Tell us more-tell us what you want for the future.Tell us that you can make a change.

If you happen to read this without saying anything -it's like ignoring an elephant in your room.
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