The Britain's Got Talent and Youtube sensation Susan Boyle has once again proved herself.Her semi-final performance was indeed powerful that it wowed the audience,viewers and the judges as well.She sang "Memory" from the musical Cats.This only proves she loves cats and the song is perhaps addressed to her cat, pebbles.Weeks before the episode, Susan has undergone instant fame which includes instant makeovers that really changed the way she leads her life before.Like, most of the recently adored celebrities, Susan Boyle together with American Idol's Simon Cowell had an interview with Oprah last 11th of May.This only proves she's a Big Time singing sensation turned woman of the hour.

The start was a shaky one but as moment passes she's able to emit a magical voice that stunned the viewers.The expectations were high and that's what made people in the beginning so excited.As the beams of light touched her performance the chance of winning a spot in the finals became of a large amount.But did her semi-final performance amount to her first performance?

Well before saying anything-especially when you missed it, see the video below.

Personally,I was impressed of her performance but it's saddening in a way.Her performance was a bit disappointing.I can say her recent performance will never amount to the way it did the very first time around.But it doesn't really matter now -because she might blast away a surprising performance when Finale comes and by far,what makes the show and her performance even better is her imperfection.Coz, every performance, every song tell us a story about her life.

Now, What did you think of her perfomance? Did you like it, hate it, or think it was just OK? Will it be possible for her to win the whole thing?
Leave a comment -let us know and let the world know!

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