You see Paris together with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt shows off making a PDA show on the road during Cannes Film Festival 2009 in France.I don't have a ghost of notion why they're stealing the scene from Rob Pattinson (even before he comes) when in fact the two of them already got everyone's eyes wide open their first step on the red carpet.As of that moment one thing's for sure -it got if not everyone's attention- the people around them.Before our eyes sores like hell and pops out with blood on it, allow us to tell them to get a room and go back to the country which they came from.If you really wanted to get attention then I suggest you to start going naked around the place -that will do?Guess, they're bringing home not only a piece of bacon -but shame as well.It doesn't matter anyway we all know and the world knows that Paris is one of the nastiest celebs in the showbiz industry.What a mess!MYMP!!
On the second picture,Did Paris Hilton ever encountered the word "underwear"?I mean, it appears as if she's not wearing any underwear while Doug is undressing her?Is she wearing underwear?
In full view of the public, she began grinding,mounting and all that boring yet people who has carnal knowledge are fascinated,you know what I mean?I suppose.
Anyway I ought to thank for the images and even some tidbits on what really happened only that I don't feel like apologizing in advance to whoever concerned about the dissemination of the pics like what they've stated on their article.Why do I even bother?Paris wants attention right?Now she gets what she wants!and this, like the previously controversial local sex video scandal is viewable to the whole world.
Now-What do you think about the whole goddamn thing?
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