Pacquiao's victory marked in the history.He also cemented his claim as the world's best pound for pound title to adding Hatton's IBO Junior welterweight crown to his previous titles.The game was quite predictable in the first round.Pacman throw consecutive flurry punches making hatton knocked down twice in the first round.Though Hatton managed to dodge pacquiao's punches on the early seconds of the second round Pacquiao was able to keep his distance and strike back again and again.Under the second round, to surprise millions,Pacquiao gave his fiery left hook beating Hatton via TKO!!

Why Pacquiao Won -and not Hatton?

There are really lot's of factors to consider, Hey I just want to make things clear I'm not a boxing analyst so please bear with me.Even before the fight or just right after Manny Pacquiao's practice we knew how calm he was on his interviews.He's not putting so much pressure unlike Hatton.Enough confidence to humble down thyself which is in my own point of view Mayweather Sr. didn't have.On his interview my left eyebrow is already raising in his overconfidence -now where did it led him?Religiously Manny is wealthy.He has his countrymen praying for his victory-as far as there had been innocently monetary matters being dealt.MAKE YOUR MAMA PROUD- Dionesia Pacquiao is the name and she has the lord with her.The whole time her son has been fighting Hatton she's locked in her room in Las Vegas praying over her son's victory.If you're searching for a word? The word is DETERMINATION -I'm not saying Hatton doesn't have this but Pacquiao's determination is burning with the desire to win.The whole country,Philippines is right on Manny's back helding him in place,giving non stop support and overwhelming praises.

Should we be rejoicing?
The fight was depressing.I know he's gonna win this supposed to be the biggest event of the year.Though it can be considered since Pacquiao once again proved that a challenger like him is likely to dominate all of the boxers on their respective divisions and that will mark in the history of sports especially in boxing.Guess, the fight has just got beyond my expectations.Imagine Pacquiao beats Hatton in just under 2 rounds? and via TKO!! I wasn't really able to catch up with the whole detailed fight since by that time we're still on the taxi but surprisingly a lot of people by the gym (where a live free per view fight of Pacquiao vs Hatton was held) were going home.The crowd even caused traffic and gave the curious driver a chance to ask who won the fight.It was just a matter of minutes when we finally got to our destinations.Anyways were there to clean and all, we have to move our things before the new owner arrives.I was upset, I wasn't able to catch up with the fight and even before having the chance to turn the TV I'm no longer interested.I so hate these kind of moments when people spoils your day!But of course, WE HAVE TO REJOICE.Eventually this coming Friday our President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared a National Day for Celebration of Pacquiao's Victory.

Win or Lose! Either way there'll be millionaires!!

Pacquiao earned $12 million for the fight, making him if not one of the richest Filipino, one of the most powerful.It was even rumored that he'll replace GMA soon!Haha.While Hatton was paid $8 million.Duh! I've told you win or lose they're all millionaires.


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