People are still hunting for the real official twilight sequel 'New Moon' poster but every search has the same thing to offer.If not the New Moon movie poster featuring the wolf pack it's the plainly black poster with the movie title set to make us raise an eyebrow as it went far beyond to what we were searching.Well aside from the two movie stills there's another poster that leaked out and it was reported to be the official movie poster.The poster was first posted in Hollywood's most hated website Perez Hilton or was it in JustJaredJr? I don't really know who really uploaded it first.The thing is they uploaded it even before it'll be officially released-and I pay no mind!.Summit Entertainment have originally set to unveil it at 7 A.M. EST on Tuesday, May 19 but it all seemed that their has been a leakage after all.So if encase the New Moon movie poster we can see above is the official one then Summit Entertainment is needless to release it anymore.

As you can see on the allegedly official movie poster above? Unlike Twilight's movie poster another character came out of the woods with a dark,hairy little secret -Jacob Black.The poster teases the love triangle and will surely give at least a bit impact on Edward Cullen fans -making them raise an eyebrow at Jacob Black.Jacob Black,as seen standing between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in poster gives everybody that giggling kind of ado and a notion of how intriguing New Moon is.However it's kinda disappointing!! Anyways thanks to JustJaredJr.

Anyways below are the previous movie stills/poster whatever!

Featuring the Wolf pack but someones still missing?-Where's Black?

The Latest - but it certainly won't be the last!

Anyways whether it's the official movie poster everyones been waiting for or not? Let's just wait for Summit Entertainment to state a confirmation.But in case it's fake-I'll indeed upload the real one.

On the other hand -there are apparently two things that are way more exciting than the poster! and it's the exclusive video clip to be shown during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards this coming end of May.
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