Summit Entertainment,however, released the official movie poster of New moon as it was set to be released this day.Though it already leaked up leaving people quite bothered and all.So therefore, people will no longer say that the New Moon Movie Poster that leaked even before it's release date is fake.Yes! the New Moon movie poster you saw all before it was released is real -and official.

You can Download the Desktop Wallpaper Version.

Anyway I so agree with nomesters(a commentator at and I like the way he/she articulated his/her idea.And I'm quoting it. . .since I've already has my own idea about the poster right on my previous post.
It's all about the hands in this picture. Bella holding Jacob (slightly), Jacob standing in between Bella and Edward, Jacob with his fist clenched ready to fight, Edward with one hand slightly clenched....I also like where the characters are facing in the poster. Bella is looking towards something, most likely Edward, but she doesn't know where he is so she isn't looking in exactly the right direction. Then Edward is looking towards Bella, even though he isn't with her - Jacob stands between them. And Jacob's stance is very protective. Edward looks slightly haunted, and, I love her expression. It's a mix between determined and devastated.
Love it! <3>
And aside from the real poster! check the fan made posters Christina from livejournal made! They're so awesome!
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