The first day of May and we are celebrating LABOR DAY.What a day, I've been quite in touch with our Television and I've been hearing these Job Fairs for everybody.Various groups allover Philippines has been organizing Job Fairs for the unemployed and newly graduated students or for those who are interested and I think it's the best way to answer the problems on unemployment.Dubbed as "Labor Day Tayo Na! Trabaho Na! Jobapalooza 09" the Department of Labor and Employment in cooperation with some of Philippines largest companies they were able to make May 1st history.May 1 2009 Job Fair is expected to be the biggest local and overseas job fair in the Philippines.

Most of the newly graduated students in College are seeking for job opportunities starting today on selected areas on their respected places.Well for me taking your ass in a Job Fair is hell one dynamic way of spending your summer.Simply because I hate long winding lines and I so hate to see a crowd of more like,thousands.Well a friend told me Patience is a virtue and I've proven that the time I finished wandering the corridors of our school in search for teachers to sign my clearance.It took me about 2 weeks to finish since I'm required of so much "this and thats" which arguably gets into my nerves, digging in my flesh and all that you can imagine of.Duh!Whatever I'm out of the topic.So, start counting down the days of May until you can finally find a job at any Job Fairs around the malls and public places in the Philippines okay?But if you hate crowd,long lines of people,the smelly odor of the crowd and all that stuff then you must be looking for an online job as far as you were reading this.And by this point I haven't introduce to you an online job yet, have I?But before anything else let's get in to this preparation thingy -and let's start it by asking you the question "ARE YOU READY?"

Now prepare a well-written resume detailing any past work experience, you're skills and the merits and awards you have received.Then the next thing to do is very obvious -search for online jobs on the net.Create an account, submit a resume and wait for an email confirmation. Hey there! check this site for Online Job hirings in the Philippines.Other than that, you can also check the Leading job site in Asia -over 6 million job seekers have already registered and almost all of them got hired.Where else! here Noypi!

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