Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho Video Scandal-This is supposed to be an old issue but with the sex video scandal involving the two celebrities,Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho respectively, I'm forced to do so -expecting this might bring me, of course,traffic to boost up my stats again.The scandal leaked up last year of December and I wasn't expecting that it just stayed dormant for about 5 months and now-hibernation is over and the news is buzzing again with this thing.Its the hot item these days!

For years man has exerted great power over nature.They built this world where people can communicate with one another through state-of-the-art technology.This world is called cyberspace.True that technology,which includes cyberspace is advancing in many aspects especially by means of communication and entertainment.Not only with things that's beneficial to mankind but also with things that destroys mankind.As we go on with our life-online we encounter these blood curdling sex videos of people if not in the field of pornography -victimized by sex video scandal that's supposed to be private.A place where scandalmongers also exists!Taking advantage of someones privacy.

Philippines still upholds that conservative imagery and it thus further explains why most of people reacts with blasting anger for women victimized by insane and insensitive person-or more likely pervert.The Katrina Halili issue is on top of the local buzz again and people with carnal knowledge is taking advantage of the video that has gone its way on the internet.These kind of people enjoys watching the video Doctor Hayden Kho uploaded.Okay! I don't have a proof if he's the one responsible of why the controversial video has reached the world wide web but come to think of it? If he did not -then who's the goddamn bastard to uploaded it?How did that bastard got the video?The answer? -of course from the maestro Hayden Kho.The issue is also the reason why Dra Vicky Belo break up with him.

If the video was taken while they're still on their whirlwind relationship then it is obvious that Katrina has no knowledge about the video set up -and therefore Hayden took advantage of his own girlfriend.Some people blames Katrina and the other two but we can't really blame anyone but Hayden Kho.The sex videos were taken while they're under a commitment and if they has sex with each other -its natural.The point is Kho set up a video recorder to record the whole obscene scene without the knowledge of his poor innocent victims.Coz of these girls only knew that what they'll be doing will be recorded they'll refuse not unless they're being paid so much for a porno video.

While watching the video

According to experts a good sex will likely to last from 30 minutes to one hour but as they watched Kho's scene with Katrina -they said "his not good"and that the girl will likely to say "Are you done?".Funny right?While on the other video with the commercial model named Maricar Reyes -it can be considered as a porno vid but still it isn't good enough because it only lasted for 22 minutes.OMG!nosebleed!

I don't have the intention to make this post any longer because you were here, primarily to watch the video right?Well then this post was updated and sorry to inform you that I can't offer you the link any longer -nor the video.It just came to me that even young people,lets say kids are getting involved on watching such videos not suitable for their age and it saddens the hell out of me.

KATRINA HALILI is reeling from a bad experience right now so let us not blame her because she has been also blaming herself.I think, as of today,Philippines is on Katrina's back already.With the help and the initiative of Sen. Bong Revilla and GABRIELA justice will be seek.Take note anyone who'll be caught giving access on the said video will be punished but Philippines cyber laws are still vague.
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