The Hayden Kho Sex Scandal Issue is on it's meteoric rise alongside with the local tv actress Katrina Halili which is just one of the allegedly 40 other girls victimized by the former doctor on the local searches in the Philippines.It obviously became the hottest trending topic in the Philippines.Not a moment goes by without the same issue buzzing everybody in the television with new reports and it just got into my nerves.Why? It always speaks for one simple thing which up to now they couldn't fix because they want things to be complicated.And that is leave the lawmakers to fix things up! Give justice to the girls and please evaporate Hayden Kho!

Well, I'm sure the media is in favor of the leak up since they've been reporting exclusive stuffs about the same old thing as far as they're making money with this.And as these merciless media men continues to spread the controversy on a wide scale -the issue wont die.And as they broadcast something like these on the Philippine television -the more it will abuse not only the privacy of the persons involved but the people -especially the children.I don't only blame the media but the site owners and even bloggers as well! In fact they're the number one source of it's existence.

The whole family were seaten in a sofa watching our favorite tv show.All of a sudden an exclusive report popped out and of no control abusing the young minds of my siblings and making my Mom say "Hayden looks like a drip" and then asked me to change the channel.My mom didn't explained to me anything -she knows I know why.Although some of my siblings reacted, I didn't budge.If you didn't get it allow me to tell you that if I didn't change the channel then what kind of stuff will be seen by my siblings? of adult-oriented content right?.You see those blur images taken from the Katrina Halili and Doctor Hayden Kho sex video scandal? Don't you think kids won't try deciphering whats behind the blurred images on the internet? You hear these reports containing the words sex, scandals ,cyberporn and all that eww stuff.Don't you think their young minds won't try asking what do these words mean? You don't want these kids of such ages to know what these stuff is all about do you?The issue is something that shouldn't be discussed to minors.

Seriously, who are the people involved? As you can see above.I'm really pointing out on the minors involved or will sooner be involved in such issue through searching for the video in the internet.The issue is making cyberporn or pornography itself to greatly advance in the country today.Ironically it lessens the morality of Filipino which is supposed to be of conservative origin.

Literally, who are involved in the issue?

As the issue continues to grow more and more people will get off their silence and more will get involved.As of now,we hear of Maricar Reyes,a Brazilian national,a sexy comedian(which was allegedly Ruffa Mae Quinto) a singer actress and of course Katrina Halili involved on the sex videos.People such as Bistek Rosario and Eric Johnston Chua were reported to be the people who uploaded the videos in the internet.Lawmakers are also getting involved, the first one to appeal and blasted with anger was Sen.Bong Revilla and sooner other politicians were asked about their opinions.Talent Manager,talk show host,showbiz writer Lolit Solis got involved too.Especially when Hayden's mom (Irene Kho) appeared on tv for an interview -ranting down,saying her feelings and all.And of course, the present girlfriend of Hayden, Dra.Vicky Belo which reportedly has a hardcopy of the video is involved.And it was also said that Dra.Vicky Belo,like the other girls of Hayden has a sex video.
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