Philippine Tv: The F4 Fever is Back!! -Boys Over Flowers -
The Koreanovela Phenomenon of 2009 has gone its way in the Philippine television garnering the title of most watched Asiannovela in primetime and has the highest ratings of all the Asianovela's that was brought to the Philippines from other Asian countries.Abs-cbn has indeed brought us the grandest korean series this year.If you can still remember Taiwan's f4 in the series Meteor Garden six years ago? These version will really make you fall in love again.Like what has just happened to my cousins! They went so uberly gaga over the F4 members, especially on the leader Jun Pyo.Looking back, the location of the Meteor Garden Series was in Taiwan and in Barcelona Spain while these new version was shot in magnificent places like New Caledonia and Macau not to mention their home country Korea.

Same as the Taiwan version and the best selling Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango” (meaning boys are better than girls), the Boys Over Flowers story will center on an average teenage girl of poor origin named Jan Di which will cross paths with the rich and famous group F4 in their school called Shinwa Academy.And as the story struggles Jan Di's life will be both colorful and nightmarish.She sooner finds a complex love struggle with two of the F4 members, Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo.Boys Over Flowers will feature 4 great and popular F4 stars Kim Hyun-Joong, Lee Min-Ho, Kim Joon, Kim Bum and Koo Hye-Sun.

While Watching the Episodes of Boys Over Flowers-

I and my cousins had a Boys Over Flowers Marathon at Youtube.It was english dubbed and all.We had a lot of fun watching.I was deafen because my cousins were screaming the whole time.What is -it has a kilig-packed aura making them giggle like whatever!I found the story moving.I'm really not into Meteor Garden before but it came to me as if the story is predictable.I had so much fun though,watching these fresh new faces on tv makes me hooked with Boys Over Flowers.To tell you, my mom won't allow a day to pass by without watching Boys Over Flowers.And that made me wonder, my Mom's really not in to watching TV shows she says it's a waste of time.But now,she even gets mad if someone will change the channel.

Episode one is totally cool -it makes you crave for more.And that's why we're currently at Episode 11.I so like the episode in which Jun Pyo went to Jan Di's house to sleep,but obviously the main reason is to know Jan Di at close and maybe perhaps to experience how is it like being with the girl of his liking or how is it like living in that kind of environment.There he discovered happiness which was not shown to him by his parents.I was cracking the whole time while he's spending his day with Jan Di's Dad and Bro.He ate fish cakes! take a bath in a public bathroom! and lots more.But the best part was when Jun Pyo and Jan Di first kissed -in the fancy playground filled with dazzling lights and romantic atmosphere!

Can you Tell us what episode/part you like most?

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