I'm haunted by the notion that school is coming.And I'm not prepared.I never enjoyed summer -or felt how it was like going to the beach.The last time I went to the beach was August of last year during my cousins birthday.Goddamn it! the reunion has to work otherwise I have to conclude this summer is pretty much the worse thing I've ever had in my life.As of now summer is BTF!
Boring - Tiring -and worse Fattening!

Always the same problem.Where should I start?I kept on asking that myself and I always end up with nothing.What the f*ck I lost my voters slip.I'll be going to the Commission on Elections to ask for a copy.I've already registered/applied for a voter last end of April.I have to because it's a requirement for the renewal of my scholarship.Guess why? I'm a scholar of a politician -haha.the fourth most powerful people in the Philippines!I couldn't really remember how exactly that day ended or even started.Good that I've shouted it at Facebook.Here it goes. . .

finally! I did something good today! I woke up 5 in the morning and take a deep plunge into the cold teasing water.Then after I went to Comelec and registered as a voter for the upcoming 2010 elections!Yay.Guess I'm ready for that kind of event.

Anyway it's back to school time.Starting Monday all grade schools and even high schools will be having their annual cleaning brigade.And heck I think I'll be a part of it.I'm a college student though but I think my mom will ask me doing it for my grade school siblings.But I did manage to think of something that will prevent me from going there -I hope it'll work.

Back to School is Scary as it was before!

I'm scared of going back to the University.I'm scared of the DEAN -he might kick me out of the institute.Like I wasn't able to pass one subject.I'm already a probationary scholar and its all my fault.I'm also scared of my PE teacher.She's nice though but I wasn't able to get my grades-and I don't even know if I passed or failed.PE's the most basic subject of all yet my performance in the subject is mediocre if I am to rate it.The main reason is that I was absent for three consecutive weeks or more likely a month and it's all because of my Lola's death and all before she died.I'm not blaming her -but its the truth.Another thing, I'm scared of being hurt again! the girl of my liking is with somebody now and just thinking I'll be seeing them a together?-Ouch!

And of course, the subject that I failed.If I am to retake it again.Hell like damnation I am in to-I'll be seeing him again.My first trigonometry teacher which I hate by heart.Oh my I almost forgot about the programming subject I wasn't able to take last semester.I'm never good in such- as if I was good at anything but the subject programming?Nobody's good at it! I guess.Whenever we'll have our hands on activity I always got effort for a grade! and the result? Syntax Error!I so hate those codes -I prefer Javascript,Css and Html, Xhtml but C++? No way!But I have to.I'm a computer Science student and if I want to pursue with the course(curse) then I have to get used with it.Duh? I'm much more scared of the teacher this year.It was rumored that the previous Dean will come back from Australia.She studied there to boost up her knowledge about those geeky stuff!!And we were warned to stay away from her-she's a villain.One small mistake you'll probably fail even before finals.Although I'm shaking -scared of these things! I still have to face them even though my day is gonna be tainted with dread.

Back to School also means there's something NEW to come!!
  • I want a brand new pair of Jackys!!
  • I want more clothes -as of January I've had five new shirts!
  • I wan't a girlfriend! ahaha.just kidding-or maybe not.Not unless I'm over with my ordeals.I certainly don't want anybody to intervene with my problems!!
  • A digital Camera! Woot! I know my moms gonna bought one -but not for me.
  • Good grades this year! I think I'll be geeky and nerdy as I can be.In that way I'll be more focused with my study.
  • I've been a problem in the house.I'll lessen my "it's good to be bad" thingy!

I'll be more focused in my academics.I'll be sacrificing blogging a bit.But I wanted my blogging career this school year to, of course rise in stardom and performance.Gain a lot of traffic,clicks and all that stuff.I still have to know more about SEO and all those techniques for a stellar performance.But a fellow blogger told me I can never do such things with blogspot.I think he was right in a way.I'm on for a blogging business right now -as far as monetary units are concerned.Blogspot is for beginners, i guess and I think I progressed a bit and evolved into a learner as of now.But a little improvement always goes a long way! I hope someone wealthy enough from out there will extend his richest and simply give me his bank account or maybe donate me some bucks at paypal.But anyways -I'm still looking forward for my blogging career to rise!
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