tRecap-Danny Gokey is going home after receiving the fewest number of votes ,leaving Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for the grand finals next week.Kris Allen did great with his rendition of heartless yesterday although his voice didn't seemed to be as good as Danny's but to my verdict his performance totally worked its magic! even better!Cowell even said Allen's version of Kanye West's "Heartless" made him a contender for the finale.While it is no doubt that Adam Lambert blasted an awesome performance last night he must still prepare for the finale because he's the first one to sing next week.It'll perhaps give Kris something to take advantage of but whoever sings first!It doesn't really matter.


Adam's Gonna Win:
Lets consider the firm fact that nobody predicted for Adam to go-He must eventually win! But with a lot of people saying that Gokeys fans will power vote for Kris so Lambert will not win?Dang it -that is so not happening!

Ryan said that over one million separated the top two.Garnering the most number of votes, Adam still has a chance upon reaching the most votes even if Gokeys fans will boost up Kris Allen's votes.On the other hand, considering the American Idol Season 8 Voting Results conducted by which can also be seen in NY Times and, we can say that Adam Lambert's gonna win! He's got the most votes while Kris, of course got the least as of May 13 2009.

Adam will win simply because he's the best performer ever in the entire AI history.I'm not saying Kris and the other American Idol finalists are not but he perfectly fits for the title -performer! And that's primarily what the people want.While if we're to talk about their upcoming albums, it is undeniably Adam who'll top the music charts and will bring crowd to music shops.


He, though, deserves to win because he improved over time.You know,Kris has no training, just raw talent right?Compared to Lambert -I honestly prefer his voice.He has great showmanship too -But he doesn't have that very big voice to shake the crowd and with that -he really must do something.

Regarding the votes -I'm not sure if Gokey's fans will power up Kris's votes.Anyway when it comes to Album and all.I know he's gonna sell albums but I think his sales will never amount to Adams!

As you can see I don't have much to say about Kris so if you're an avid fan of him then say something!!-I'm still on Lambert's side even though Kris is going against him I know Lambert will ride right through this.

But anyways this is just a prediction and all.Nobody really knows what will happen -and that's why we're all excited!For the meantime let's just cross our fingers for our respective bets!But then don't crown them the American Idol just yet! Because I might come in surprise!haha.kiddin!
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