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Undoubtedly, the bout between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Ricky "Hitman" Hatton is set to make history in the world of boxing and sportsmanship and will be biggest event this year.This coming May 2, 2009 our people's champ Manny Pacquiao will be facing Ricky Hatton.Another titanic clash from two opposite directions -The Ultimate Battle between the East and the West.

There had been a lots of predictions for the said fight and most of them favors for Manny to be entitled the winner.Professional boxing analyst says that Pacquiao has the better boxing skill and that his speed has a lot to do with winning, although his defense is often very suspect.Among the two bodies Hatton is naturally bigger than Pacquiao but then Pacquiao he managed to dominate Oscar Dela Hoya on his last fight.Well the least thing we Filipinos can do at this point in time is to cross our fingers and pray for his victory (or else you'll lose your money -haha). Encase you really wanted to extend your prayers on Manny Pacquiao I would suggest -do the Donia Dionisia Pacquiao Prayer Etiquette.

We can't just let May 2,2009 day pass by without seeing the match.It'll be aired live at HBO Pay Per View and Solar Sports.While aired delayed here in the Philippines by GMA 7.Since Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton tickets are sold out, of course there are no more available seats on the venue.But people on the web have been providing live free and high quality streams for Pacquiao's every match successfully.The fight will also be aired live in General Santos City, Pacquiao's Hometown and some malls,bars and even public places nationwide only that you will have to pay more likely 200 php (minimum), I think.But with the help of some site owners who provides free Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton Fight live streams the fight can be genuinely distributed and viewable throughout the world.

Watch Pacquiao Vs Hatton

As told by my friend on his article Sopcast Player has proved to be the most reliable source of live streaming boxing fights and other sports events that are highly anticipated by millions.Now what you will just have to do is to Download it,install and please follow instructions.Although there are hassle-free ways to really enjoy watching the fight, I will be providing links of free streaming websites for you to check back before the fight starts.

  1. Courtesy of my friend Kevin.
Update: Kevin informed me that Sopcast isn't working but he's got an alternative if you wanted to do the download /install stuff.But I would recommend you to go on one of the links below. . .
If you're to google live streaming websites check and first coz they were able to stream previous fights.

For Filipino's try
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