Philippines known to be an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands has something fresh to offer this Summer of 2009.For years, Philippines has never failed it's tourist in terms of the satisfaction given by the bounty of wonders the country has for everybody.By the time you'll step into Philippines you can't just regret or ignore the globally known Filipino hospitality.Go ahead, These 10 destined places in the Philippines boasts not only white fine sandy beaches but also cheap hotels for your convenient stay. This article will just be an overview of the tourists spots in the Philippines.So bear with me.

BATANGAS, PHILIPPINES - Known for the water sport every sporty guy is in to these days of summer-WAKEBOARDING.A whole new way to spend your Summer Days without drowsing and yawning and all that boring stuff.I'm assuring you that you'll get stunned by the Taal-lake scenery.That can only be find in Batangas.

BAGUIO, PHILIPPINES - One of the most famous City in the whole country.It's also called City of the Pines since Pine Trees are almost everywhere that contributes to the cold and verdant environment.Burnham Park is the main attraction for tourists because of the lagoon where you can go on a boat trip.

Boracay Island ,PHILIPPINES -became the all time favorite destination of tourists and one of the most visited since January of 2009.With it's white sandy beaches, balmy sea breeze and usual party gimmick spots by night who wouldn't want to spend holiday there?A butterfly shaped island at the northwestern tip of Panay that indulges you to temptation.The 4 kilometer white beach was hailed "The finest beach in the World".It was even allegedly reported that Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie will have to go to the island.

BANAWE IFUGAO Philippines-How about going somewhere internationally known?Yeah you've read that right! The eight wonder of the World is in the Philippines.That is something to be seen before you run out of oxygen."Lo and Behold" -BANAWE RICE TERRACES.And believe it or not it was built by bare human hands!

Did you know? If place end to end, it would extend more than 22,500 kilometers, that is, 8 times longer than the Great Wall of China, or more than half of the earth's circumference.

SIARGAO,SURIGAO Philippines-If you can't get enough with extreme sports and aside from Batangas you're craving for something more action-packed Siargao is the perfect place to be."Dude this place is awesome!".This place is also known as the Philippine Surfing Capital where international surfing championships and events were held.

Puerto Prinsesa Palawan, Philippines- Want some more?Well allow me to introduce to you one of the nominees in the new seven wonders of the world "PUERTO PRINCESA SUBTERRANEAN RIVER".A brief description about the place; I quote. .
This park features a spectacular limestone karst landscape with an underground river. One of the river's distinguishing features is that it emerges directly into the sea, and its lower portion is subject to tidal influences. The area also represents a significant habitat for biodiversity conservation. The site contains a full 'mountain-to-sea' ecosystem and has some of the most important forests in Asia.The city is declared as the "Cleanest and most peaceful city in the Philippines.

Did you know? It's the longest underground river in the world.

SAMAL ISLAND, DAVAO,Philippines-Now How about some place to test your fear? -on bats?Hurray! another newly discovered tourist destination for people who wanted to explore the depths of a bat filled cave and even fruit bat eaters!haha.World’s Largest Bat Cave- can be found at Island Garden City of Samal (Samal Island) which is ought to be a part of Davao.

Did you know? Bats always turns left as they comes out of a cave.

But encase you don't, Davao has another place to offer you! Get boasted by the white sand beach of PEARL FARM RESORT.

Tubbataha Reef Marine Park,Sulu Sea Philippines -also a nominee from the 7newwonders of the world this place is famous for its diverse and bountiful marine life. It is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and the best place for diving.
Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines- This is the center of attraction in Bohol consisting of 1,268 hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters, the Chocolate Hills is a wonder of nature. The Hills are considered as a Philippine National Geological Monument. During the summer, the grass-covered hills will dry up and turn brown transforming into hills of chocolate caps.How sweet! How suite!

Bikol,Philippines- Finally comes the last but not in the list! oh my -I got that wrong huh? -just kidding.And the top 10 is something perfect.Mayon Volcano in Bicol was considered and was famous for its perfect cone. This place is one of the most common places that can be seen in postcards even way way back. The beauty of Mayon Volcano surmounts other volcano's around the country and maybe even others that are located in Southeast Asia.Isn't that perfect dude?So what are you waiting for?C'mon out and express the greatness of Summer! Wow Philippines!

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